Snoopy Toe Socks - Fun For Your Feet!


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Women's Snoopy Low-Cut 5-Toe Socks. Comfortable casual toe socks are made of a cotton blend with a touch of spandex for stretch and great fit. Toe socks are unique in their design. Rather than have all toes of the foot together, toe socks have an individual chamber for each toe, much like a glove has for fingers. In some cases, this is done simply for the fun and quirky style. However, some yoga socks or specialty running socks also employ this design because it prevents the toes from rubbing together and causing blisters. For those looking to keep their toes separated or simply looking for a new and different way to wear socks, toe socks may be an answer. Hosiery Size : [One size]US 6 ~ 8.5 / Eur 36 ~ 38.5 / UK 4 ~ 7 / 23cm ~ 25cm. Length : Approx. 7.8inch (20cm)(from top to toes). NEW