About Us

You can contact us at 717-515-7334 or sales@snoopn4pnuts.com.


snoopn4pnuts.com is the world's largest Peanuts Gang collectibles store. With over 13,000 different items in stock, you'll find nearly every type of Peanuts Gang collectible ever made. In addition to this vast inventory, snoopn4pnuts.com stands out from the competition because you can buy both vintage and new merchandise in one store. You won't find this feature anywhere else among our competition. This is why snoopn4pnuts.com truly is "Your One-Stop Snoopy Shop."

We spend hours and hours searching for a large variety of Peanuts Gang collectibles that are of interest to our customers. We do the "leg work" so you don't have to. And by stocking and re-stocking different items several times each week, we keep our store looking "fresh" so that each and every shopping experience varies from the last one. It pays to bookmark our site and to visit our store often, as the collectibles you're longing for may have just been added to our inventory.

We pride ourselves in selling vintage, new, and lightly used items that are exceptionally clean and have been well cared for by fellow Peanuts Gang collectors. Every single item is thoroughly inspected for any flaws, and if any minor ones are found, they will be revealed to you in the item's description. In addition, we tend to be highly critical in judging the quality of our merchandise. What many people would deem as being in mint condition, we would advertise as being in near mint condition if any single flaw is present – no matter how small the flaw may be.

You can put your trust in us to send you exactly what you see on our website. In fact, you will likely be pleasantly surprised when you receive your order because the collectibles you purchased look even better than you had imagined!

Also, you won't find anything at snoopn4pnuts.com that is of poor quality or of little value. We buy and sell only items that we would proudly add to our very own personal collections.

Finally, complete satisfaction is the rule at snoopn4pnuts.com. If our customers are not pleased with their purchase, then we are not pleased with the sale. It's as simple at that.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy yourself as you go "snoopn4pnuts".