Snoopy Cool Max Bike / Cycling Shirt For Women


SKU: cyclingshirt1009

Get noticed on the road with this snazzy high-quality women's Snoopy Cycling Shirt made of patented CoolMax® material. CoolMax® polyester fabric keeps you cool and dry by "moving" moisture or "wicking" away perspiration and weather's moisture away from your skin to the outer layer of the fabric, which also enables the you to improve your personal performance. It allows you to perform at your optimum for longer periods because it keeps your body cool, dry and comfortable. As a result, this comfortable, silky smooth fabric can help improve focus and enhance endurance. Other features include a full-length, hidden zipper, mock neck, elasticized sleeves and waist, and 3 large, elasticized pockets on back to carry water bottles, towel, etc. NEW (Refer to size chart to ensure optimal fit)