Peanuts Vintage Wooden 3-Way Combination Lamp and Night Light - SUPER RARE! (Works Well But Missing Parts)


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Very rare 1970's vintage combination lamp and night light on wood base. Features metal bent angle lamp support and hidden night light bulb in doghouse. Unique 3-way operating function: 1st turn of switch turns on night light only; 2nd turn of switch turns on lamp only; 3rd turn of switch turns on both lamp and night light.  Measures 13" high at top of bulb holder; wood base measures 10" long x 5.5" wide/deep. GOOD CONDITION (Works well; missing shade support bracket and shade/can be found at hardware or lamp store; Charlie Brown missing outer arm and wobbly; Lucy missing inner arm and can be turned but not wobbly; small rough and raised area on side of dog dish Charlie Brown's holding/something (?) appears to be missing but not seen in any Peanuts guide books; Snoopy re-glued to doghouse at a slight lean; extremely light paint wear on base)