Peanuts Movie Giant Theater Lobby 3-Piece Display - OVER 17 1/2 FEET WIDE!


SKU: 2015lobbydisplay

Decorate your room Peanuts style in a very big way! This giant 2015 Peanuts Movie Theater Lobby Display can be yours! What a rare, unique addition it would be to your Peanuts collection! A massive 3-piece display, it's made of very sturdy and thick cardboard with a semi-glossy paper laminate. This incredible Peanuts collectible measures over 17 feet wide and stands 5 feet high. The main center piece seen in the photo has been pulled in at the sides in order to show the entire item in the picture and is in great condition; the 2 side pieces are photographed individually. There are several tabs along the outer edges of all 3 pieces, but not sure what/where they connect.  Minor flaws include a narrow 2" piece of paper laminate is missing in one of the creases, the lower area of the Charlie Brown side piece has has wrinkles on it, the arm rest on Snoopy's chair is creased on top and side with a very small tear, the top of Snoopy's right ear is missing. and there are a few minor creases/bends along edges. Ships folded. PLEASE NOTE: Additional shipping fee applies due to heavy weight and extremely large box size.  Buyer will be notified of shipping fee after order placed due to not knowing where product will be shipped prior to purchase.