Snoopy Flying Ace Hand Carved (Teak) Wood Figurine From Manila - "World's Greatest" RARE!


SKU: snoopy wood figure100

Rare hand carved solid wood figurine made by Vizcarra of Manila. Every piece is unique and no two are exactly alike. Label indicates is was figurine No. 180. Based on the grain pattern, it appears to have been expertly carved from teak, a hard wood known for it's beautiful grain and color, in addition to its outstanding durability. It's highly detailed.....down to the grit expression in the Flying Ace's teeth. Extremely smooth and polished to give it a rich look and feel. The "World's Greatest" is carved into the hand cut solid wood base. The initial "M" was carved into the bottom of the base by the artist. Measures 5.25" wide x 7.75" high x 2.5" deep. NEAR MINT (figure in perfect condition but base worn on front right corner, with lighter wear to other areas on the base only; sticker worn on one end with some discoloration)