Snoopy Flying Ace Die-Cut Vinyl Decal - Metallic Silver


SKU: snoopy decal SILV100

6" x 4.75" Die-Cut Premium Vinyl Decal (only holographic outline is the decal/no background). The holographic vinyl gives off a highly-reflective sheen and no matter how you look at holographic vinyl, it will always look like waves of silver, gold, purple, turquoise, gold, etc. It can be viewed as an iridescent vinyl: depending on how you look at it, it can appear to have multiple colors that change with the light. Use outdoors on cars, motorcycles, etc. or indoors on home windows, refrigerators, mirrors, etc. Weather Resistant to last 5-7 years. Black decals look great on light-colored cars and white decals look great on dark-colored cars.  NEW (also have this same decal in holographic vinyl)