Snoopy Wooden Folding Growth Chart (Measures 2 Feet 3" to Almost 5 Feet High)

Peanuts Collection

SKU: peanuts growth chart100

High quality, hand-painted wooden folding growth chart. Decorated with Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang and topped off with a wooden cut-out of Snoopy's head. Hinge in center allows you to fold growth chart in half for compact storage. Measurements in cm increments from 70cm/27.5" to 150cm/59". Measures children from 2 feet 3" to 5 feet. Has 2 metal hooks on the back to hang it on the wall. Folds in half with hinges for easy storage. Total length 41" and made of sturdy 3/8" thick wood. Hanger on back. Measures 12" x 62" high. - NEW (one very small mark along edge; extremely minor edge wear in a few places/NOT noticeable)