Snoopy Astronaut Rubber Doll - RARE! (Missing Helmet)


SKU: SNdoll1040

RARE Vintage Rubber Doll in NASA uniform (Missing helmet and scarf) and carrying safety kit - 9.5" tall. History of the doll: Apollo 10's Original "Snoopy Astronaut" Rubber Doll Directly From The Armstrong Family Collection™, CAG Certified. A 9" tall Snoopy in a space suit and helmet manufactured by Determined Productions in 1969. The Apollo 10 Lunar Module was nicknamed "Snoopy" (the Command Module was nicknamed "Charlie Brown"). Apollo 10 was the last "dress rehearsal" for the Apollo 11 moon landing, with Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan manning space ship Snoopy to within eight miles of the lunar surface. Charles Schulz was a big fan and friend to the U.S. space program and Snoopy was also used in the Manned Flight Awareness program. GOOD CONDITION (uniform and center of cap discolored)