2001 Snoopy McDonald's Happy Meal Prototype Toy Set - "Mega Game Snoopy" Promotion (Includes Original Hand-Written Order!) VERY RARE!

Creata Promotion

SKU: snoopy prototype toy100BM

Very Rare 2001 Snoopy McDonald's Happy Meal Prototype Toy Set. Includes Original hand-written requisition/order form! Toys Made For McDonald's "Mega Game Snoopy" Promotion by Creata Promotion in UK.  Includes 4 individual sets to make a full figure.  Snoopy head is stationery and doesn't open, but other 3 sets includes multiple pieces to form individual games in each set.  Middle body section separates into 2 sections containing mazes and a metal ball. Feet separate into 3 sections with game pieces. Dog dish opens to reveal plastic rings to throw over Woodstock's head when placed inside dish. Snoopy's large head measures 4" x 6. When fully constructed. Snoopy stands over 10" tall. NEW/Sealed Bags (Order form has numerous folds and one 1/8" long paper tear along edge)