The Snoopy Game Board Game - BRAND NEW/STILL SEALED!

Milton Bradley

SKU: snoopy game101

Vintage Board Game. The object of the game is to be deliver three dog food bowls to Snoopy. Players may start their character on either of two start spaces. In turn, players advance according to the roll of the die. When passing over a deck of chance cards, the player must examine to the top card to determine whether the player may continue and the direction player must move. If the card is a dog food bowl, the player keeps it. Players may take dog food bowls from each other by landing on one another by exact count.

This children's game features a set of cards with instructions and character likenesses, 5 plastic figures: Snoopy with Doghouse , Charlie Brown , Peppermint Patty , Lucy and Linus and a d6 movement die with paw prints for pips. No reading necessary to play. For 2-4 players; ages 4-8 years. Includes game board, 5 plastic player pieces, 1 die, and playing cards. BRAND NEW/SEALED IN CELLOPHANE (plastic packaging covering figures discolored but pieces mint)